Chapter 10 Metrics and Evaluation

This chapter is being developed.

This table maps URSSI activities to the three portions of URSSI’s intended impact. Activities are preceded by a letter to indicate what area of URSSI they are from (C = community and outreach, E = education and training, I = incubator, P = policy), and in the impact cells, X indicates a designed primary impact on an activity, and y indicates a designed secondary impact.

Table 10.1: Impact table
Activity Impact on Research Software Impact on people and careers Impact on research software ecosystem
C:Fellowships X
C:In-person events X X
C:Community calls X X X
C:Curate best practices X y y
C:Newsletter & social media y X
E:Summer school y X y
E:Projects Carpentry X y
E:Review service for software project plans X
E:Examine use of industrial software development practices in research software X y
E:Book of knowledge of software dev best practices X y
I:Incubator X X
P:Career path X y
P:Impact of individuals X y
P:Incentivize contributions to public software y y X
P:Disentangle software quality and software impact X
P:Better recognize the value and importance of software X
P:Funding opportunities for software maintenance y X
P:Increase diversity of software community X y
P:Award program y X